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Volunteer of the Month




Name:  Adele Baker
Years served:  26
Alumnus:  OLPH '46, NDHS '50, University of Chattanooga
Retired School Teacher

How did you get started:  Fr. Bush used to reach out and get someone to come and stay with my Mother, so I could shop for groceries.  After she passed, I was asked to count offertory and knew I needed to serve.




Name:  Dolores Howell
Years served:  19
Alumnus:  Tennessee Tech University

Retired School Teacher (OLPH)

How did you get started:  Fr. Mike Nolan, who I taught in 1st grade, asked me if I would count weekly donations after I retired from my beloved OLPH school after 38 years of teaching.  I accepted with pleasure and it has been over 19 years now.  I look forward to each week!



Name:  Theresa Davis
Years served:  12
Alumnus:  NDHS '56
Homemaker, Volunteer at Memorial

How did you get started:  After my husband passed in 2004, I started volunteering at Memorial Hospital.  Adele Baker recruited me to the Parish to count money.




Name:  Herb Katzman
Years served:  11
Alumnus:  Dayton University, UTC

Retired IT Manager Duracell Battery Company

How did you get started:   I was invited to help when they  needed extra money counters




Name:  Gail McCaughley
Years served:  3
Alumnus:  OLPH '53, NDHS '57

Retired - Vega Corpoaration of TN

How did you get started:  Dolores Howell recruited me.




Name:  Terry McKitrick
Years served:  1
Alumnus:  Villanova University, American University
Retired U.S. Wildlife Services

How did you get started:  I started as a substitute.  I volunteered for four years at my previous parish.




Name:  Jane Hughes
Years served:  8
Alumnus:  OLPH '66, NDHS '70

Retired - Retired - American Water Company

How did you get started:  My mother volunteered as a money counter.  I followed her.