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Ushers / Greeters

Ushers and Greeters are ministers of hospitality. Ushers arrive 20-25 minutes prior to the start of Mass. They facilitate any special needs, assist in seating, answer questions, take up the collection and hand out bulletins. The Ushers also select a couple or family to present the gifts during Mass. In general, the Ushers supervise the even flow of each Mass then tidy up the pews and books after, so the church is presentable for the next Mass. Greeters welcome parishioners and visitors as they arrive at the church. 

To apply please fill out the form below.  You will be contacted once your application is reviewed. 

A special thanks for all of our Head Ushers and their wonderful teams for their year's of service to our OLPH Catholic Church.  We encourage you to introduce yourself to the team at the Mass  you attend and offer to assist them in any way you can.  Please let them know how much we appreciate them

For more information contact Robert Jones at or call (423) 622-7232 (Church Office)

Thank you for your support of OLPH Church!

Daryl Moffitt - Head Usher
5:30 PM Vigil


Sam Long - Head Usher
8:00 AM Mass


Andrew Wheeler - Head Usher
10:00 AM Mass


Diane Potts  - Head Usher
12:00 PM Mass


Ruben Mentado & Octavio Morales - Head Ushers
2:00 PM Mass



  • All Ushers must:

    1. Received the sacrament of baptism

    2. Received virtus training   Note*  If you are not virtus trained you can receive this within 60 days of you starting date

    3. Be at least 16 years of age

    4. Complete background check