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OLPH Needs Your Help!


We need your help!  COVID-19 has made an impact on all of our lives, including financially.  It has impacted both OLPH Parish and School.  Your gifts and support sustain the ministry of the Parish and School.  Through October of this year (Jul - Oct) we received $290,903 in support.  We are in a deficit to last year of $38,596. 

Offertory   $290,903

Last Year  $329,499

Year deficit $38,596

Variance  -13%+

Olph church projects


Have your heard the Carillon bells?  Not in over 12 years at OLPH.  Fr. Arthur's desire is to upgrade the Carillon Bells system and bring the music/bells back to the campus. 

OLPH also needs support updating the lighting and sound systems in the church.  

Carillon Bell System
                                                                  Bell Speakers   





Father Arthur Advent appeal


December, the month of gifts, the month to give and to receive

My dear parishioners at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Happy Advent of our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope that this beautiful season prepares you to celebrate again the birth of our sweet Savior Jesus.

What a year we have been through, right? 2020 will be for many of us a year that will be difficult to forget. The pandemic, the economic shutdown, the election, the tornados, hurricanes and fires  – it’s all a bit of a blur and uncertainty. But still, here we are, in the midst of the Advent season, watching and waiting for the return of our Lord in which we persistently claim:  “Come quickly, Lord Jesus!” a phrase we all understand a bit better than we did in 2019.

As you know, December is the time of year when many people make a final financial gift to the parish. I am so pleased to say that, through your generosity, we are in pretty good financial shape. However, given the circumstances of this trying year, we are still a little behind where we would like to be. Our fiscal year runs July – June.  Last year, July to October, we received $329,499 in support.  As of the end of October we received $290,903 in gifts.  We are running about $38,596 behind that number.

I would like to kindly ask everyone to reflect on their level of parish support. I’m asking you, if you have not already, to turn that reflection into action between now and December 31.

If you have experienced job loss, illness, or a death in your family, I would like you to pray for our parish this December. And know that I remember you day after day by name in my prayers as well.

Now, If you are able, I’d ask you to consider doing the following:

—If you give through the mail or through the basket, I’d ask you to move that gift online by visiting our Parish website at  Click on Giving. It’s fast, easy, and secure. And it’s a huge help to us at the parish.

—If you already give online, I’d ask you to make a special, sacrificial year-end gift to help us end 2020 in the right way to begin 2021 from a position of strength.

—If you are of age, I’d ask you to think about whether you might benefit from making a charitable contribution from your IRA. You can contact the parish office if you need to know more about it.
Your presence, prayers, and support are vitally important to our parish and its mission. Thank you for your generous stewardship!

I wish you many blessings and joy in the upcoming Christmas.

In Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Fr. Arthur Torres Barona