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Our twin parish in Haiti, St. Pierre Claver, part of the Diocese of Le Caye, is located in the town of Dory. The pastor there is Fr. Macnel Percy.  Through the wonderful work of the Fonkoze Organization, OLPH Parish supported this parish in Dory, Haiti with contributions for over 30 years

Please see Fr. Percy's latest reports from Dory, Haiti including pictures of their work, progress and ministry.  

July and August Report 2020

St. Pierre Claver Parish, Dory, Haiti

Repair of the roof of the Parish Church 

Construction of a water cistern with taps in the school yard to protect students against COVID-19

Donation of 50 dozen banana trees to the population to improve their living conditions

Purchase of 4 inverter batteries for the system that supplies the presbytery and the parish church

Repair roof of the parish church


Water cistern with taps to protect students from COVID-19


50 dozen banana trees to improve parishioners living conditions


Purchase of four inverter batteries that supply the parish church