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Parish bookkeeper

Director of music & liturgy

Director of religious education




OLPH Bookkeeper


OLPH Church currently has an immediate need for a Parish Bookkeeper.  This position provides accounting and related financial services to the parish and school at the direction of the Pastor and Business Manager.  The position is full time, salary - exempt and qualifies for benefits package.  For a complete job description see below

Interested candidates should email Robert Jones at  


The purpose of this job is to provide bookkeeping and related financial – administrative services to the parish church and school at the direction of the Pastor and Business Manager

This position is full time – exempt, compensated by salary and qualifies for full benefits.


1. Maintains accurate records of parish church and school finances

     a. Verifies and deposits parish collections and other monetary receipts

      b. Post parishioner contributions in parish financial data system

      c. Maintains accurate accounts receivable and payable ledgers

      d. Receives and deposits parish school tuition and book/registrations fees

      e. Prepares appropriate financial reports and statements to the Pastor and Business Manager

 2.   Prepares and processes staff payroll

        a. Ensures that appropriate taxes and other authorized deductions are withheld

 3.   Processes all accounts payable liabilities

        a. Ensures all payments are made accurately and timely. 

 4. Processes appropriate reports and financial requests in an effective manner.

       a. Prepares government reports on a timely basis

       b.  Assures that all contributions to the parish are accounted for in an accurate and timely       manner

       c.  Processes check requests and assures there is no proper authorization for parish expenditures

       d. Reconciles bank statements on a monthly basis

Serves as a resource to the staff of the parish and school in the area of bookkeeping and financial records

Serves the parish as a substitute to the Parish Secretary to include all duties of that position


Demonstrated successful work experience establishing and maintaining a bookkeeping system consistent with the Diocese of Knoxville guidelines. Ability to produce accurate parish and school financial data in a timely manner.  Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills and an ability to honor and maintain strict level of confidentiality.  An appropriate education and bookkeeping courses are required.

Director of Music & Liturgy


This position facilitates the liturgical setting and music for all liturgical celebrations.  The position reports to the Pastor.  For a complete job description click here.  All interested candidates should send their resumes to Fr. Arthur Torres or Robert Jones


The Director of Music and Liturgy (DML) facilitates the liturgical setting and music for all liturgical celebrations. The responsibilities and qualifications of the position are many:

REPORTS TO: Pastor                                                                                               


Day Off: Monday


DML as Parish Music Director. The Director of Music and Liturgy is responsible for:

Coordinating the music ministry for all parish liturgies;

Assuming the role of leading musician (accompanist or choral director);

Making creative choices of music and their judicious placement for liturgical celebrations;

Recruiting and scheduling various music ministries (e.g., choirs, cantors, instrumentalists);

Trains, directs and supervises choirs, instrumental ensembles and cantors.

Prepares assembly for liturgies through rehearsals prior to liturgies, rehearsals with students in parish school or religious education programs.

Be present on-site during business hours at the office 9am-3pm

Participates alone the stuff office in meetings and programs prepared by the parish or the diocese.

DML as Parish Liturgy Director. The Director of Music and Liturgy is responsible for:

Liturgy planning (working with the priests and Liturgy Commission) including leading the Liturgy Commission;

Coordinating work of Church Environment Committee for Liturgical Seasons & Feasts;

Making creative choices of liturgical variations and their placement in liturgical celebrations;

Recruiting, forming cantors and accompanists.

Securing proper copyrights for all worship participation aids;

Working with the Director of Religious Education and staff to prepare for children's liturgies and sacraments (First Confession, First Holy Communion, Holy Confirmation, RCIA etc)

Meeting with engaged couples for the preparation of wedding liturgies;

Preparing liturgy and music for funeral liturgies.

Making the weekend programs for the Holy Masses.

DML as Administrator. The Director of Music and Liturgy is responsible for::

Making liturgy and music policies in conjunction with the Liturgy Commission and pastoral staff, taking into consideration Diocesan and national guidelines;

Formulating a music and liturgy budget for the parish worship program;

Developing and maintaining a liturgical music library of various styles and genres for assembly, choir, cantor and instrumentalists;

Maintaining the parish's musical instruments;

Making recommendations for the purchase of instruments, sound equipment, missalettes, hymnals and church supplies;

Making recommendations for renovations and new construction in conjunction with the parish building commission as needed;

Securing other musicians as needed for special celebrations, such as Christmas, Easter, Confirmation, etc.

DML as Person of Faith. As a pastoral minister, the Director of Music and Liturgy has the responsibility to nurture his or her own faith in order to nurture the faith of others.

DML as Professional Person. Commitment to professional development is a mutual responsibility of the musician and the parish. In order to maintain a competent level of professionalism, the responsibility of the Director of Music and Liturgy includes:

Practicing to improve or maintain skills in voice, conducting, and the instruments upon which the musician is expected to perform;

Researching, developing, and mastering new music;

Pursuing educational advancement in musical skills that relate to the parish's need (e.g., organ, choral directing, vocal pedagogy);

Keeping current with official statements and documents on music, liturgy, and developments in the pastoral field;

Studying various liturgical and musical publications;

Membership in professional organizations and attendance at national and area conferences and workshops;  

Periodic coursework in the field of pastoral liturgy and liturgical music.


A baptized Catholic Christian willing to enter into the faith life of the community he/she serves & leads.

Prudent balance of enthusiasm and patience, and an ability to work in collaboration with others.


a) Bachelor's or master's degree in music or its equivalent.

b) Musical leadership requires skills in the following areas: keyboard, voice and conducting, as well as contemporary instrumental ensembles, orchestration, handbells, children's choirs, composition and familiarity with musical styles of various cultures of the community.

c) A thorough understanding of Roman Catholic liturgical theology and praxis.

d) A knowledge of the history and repertoire of sacred music.

e) A willingness to keep informed of liturgical pastoral developments and to participate in continuing education to maintain and further musical expertise.

4.  The Director of Music Ministry should demonstrate the ability to:

a) Select and teach new music to the assembly;

b) Develop the musicianship of cantors and other musicians;

c) Nurture musicianship of the youth;

d) Serve as a resource to parish as well as persons involved in other parish ministries;

e) Provide liturgical guidance in sensitive pastoral situations, such as preparation of funerals;

f) Lead and animate the community's sung prayer;

g) Administer a multifaceted liturgy & music program including planning, budgeting, scheduling and timely communication with other liturgical ministers.

h) Work in collaboration with other ministers of the parish.


The Director of Music and Liturgy normally is not expected to be present for all parish liturgies or work an indeterminate number of hours. However, he/she is expected to cover key services and work a 40 hour week as follows:

12 hours Accompanying liturgies 6 hours Rehearsal of music ministers

5 hours Preparation, outlining content of worship, other musical/organizational tasks

5 hours Liturgy preparation, music selection, researching new music, advance seasonal planning, assisting parish personnel in liturgical/musical matters.

5 hours Personal instrumental practice.

2 hours Professional and ministerial advancement and study.

5 hours Other administrative tasks, meetings, copyright procedures, etc. 40 hours Total.

 Since the main liturgies occur on Saturday & Sunday, Monday should be taken as day off.



The position is responsible for the faith formation of adults and parish children not in OLPH elementary school.  The position reports to the Pastor.  For a complete job description click here.  Interested candidates should send their resumes to Fr. Arthur Torres or Robert Jones

The Director of Religious Education (DRE) will be accountable to the Pastor and
shall be responsible for the faith formation adults as well as parish children not in the parish elementary school.

Religious Education Programming – Parish School of Religion
The DRE is responsible for the organization and implementation of an appropriate curriculum. Therefore, the DRE will:
• create and maintain a curriculum calendar that ensures that catechists teach basic Catholic Doctrine;
• provide family-centered catechetical opportunities with parent meeting and whole family events (i.e. Advent Celebration);
• create and share a weekly reflection on the gospel in a prayer format to kids and parents
• provide parishioners and families with seasonal materials for personal prayer and spiritual enrichment.

Catechist Formation
The supervision of the volunteer catechists shall be the responsibility of the DRE. Therefore, the DRE will:
• recruit catechists from within the parish according to Archdiocesan policies;
• provide orientation and training sessions of new catechists;
• provide ongoing evaluation of catechist performance, through classroom visitation, and verbal/written affirmation and/or suggestions;
• recommend and provide appropriate resources to catechists to complement weekly & liturgical lessons.

Sacramental Formation – RCIA/First Communion/Reconciliation/Confirmation
The DRE shall follow the guidelines and regulations of the Archdiocese regarding the reception of the Sacraments. The DRE will:
• develop and implement Family Sacrament Preparation Programs for First Reconciliation, First Eucharist, and Confirmation;
• coordinate and/or lead retreat experiences for Confirmation candidates and first communicants;
• implement the of Rite of Christian Initiation process for children and families as needed;
• collaborate with Pastor and Music Minister regarding sacramental celebrations, appropriate music selections and instruction in the classrooms.

Administration and Communication
While the DRE is accountable to the Pastor, there is a necessity for working and communicating with other parish staff, groups and individuals. The DRE will:
• supervise, on site, all programs and/or activities;
• attend and participate as an active and engaging member of the parish pastoral team meetings and Diocesan meetings;
• prepare the yearly parish education calendar in conjunction with the master parish calendar;
• maintain accurate records and files, including attendance, permanent student records and sacramental records, fees and their collection;
• send frequent emails to families providing them with information about the church activities/ministries as well as RE updates;
• maintain and update the RE websites.

Minimum Qualifications
Candidates wishing to apply for this position should have the following qualifications:
• practicing and active Catholic in good standing;
• BA in Theology/Religious Education or a related theological field;
• three to five years of experience working as a DRE or in parish ministry;
• proficiency in computer programs (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc), understanding of social media