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Altar Servers

Serving the people of God while we worship in the church is a way of growing closer to God. This ministry is open to anyone who has entered the fourth grade or older. Being an Altar Server is a liturgical function, therefore one must be a baptized and Eucharistic Catholic.  It is out of one’s baptism into the Body of Christ that they are called to this ministry.

For more information contact Tim Monahan at or (423) 451-2104.

Thank you for your service to OLPH Parish!

Servers assist the priest at regular Masses, and other liturgies. Boys and Girls  who have received First Penance and First Eucharist are welcome to join.  

Please fill out the online form below to be considered as a altar server.  The church will review your application

Thanks for your support of OLPH Church!

Altar Servers

  • Altar Servers must be:

    1. 4th grade or higher

    2. Have received Sacrament of Baptism

    2. Have received 1st Communion

  • Please include below the serving date(s) you are available.  Specify date as day, date and year.  (ex. Sunday, Jan 1, 2020)

    Thank you for your ministry!