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Parish School of Religion

What is PSR?

The Parish School of Religion (PSR) is a faith formation and religious education program for Catholic students in grades K-5 who do not attend a Catholic school. The program strives to teach doctrine fully, to foster community, and to prepare students for Christian service.

When do classes meet?

OLPH Parish School of Religion will not meet in person this year.  This is subject to change based on the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are offering an exciting online program called Catholic Brain.  See below for more detail about Catholic Brain.  

What are the requirements for receiving Sacraments?

Sacrament preparation is an important part of the curriculum for eligible children. To receive Reconciliation/First Communion, students must be in 2nd grade or above and must attend PSR for two years (for example, for a student to receive First Communion at the end of 2nd grade, he or she must have attended PSR classes in 1st grade AND 2nd grade). To receive Confirmation, students must be in 5th grade or above and attend one full year of classes.

Who can I contact with questions?

For more information, please call Patti Morrison at 423-622-7232 .

What is Keeping Kids Safe?

Keeping Kids Safe is a safe environment program for children adopted and implemented by the Diocese of Knoxville. The program provides children and parents with information about how to take steps to foster safe environments, wherever they may be. Each PSR class covers the information with an age-appropriate curriculum during one class time in the fall, as well as during a makeup class later in the year. Parents have the option to opt out of sending their children to the lesson, and are welcome to  view the curriculums on the Diocese website at any time.

PSR Application
  • The information below is private.  We will not share this with any other sources.

  • We use a system of communication with our PSR families called Remind along with Email.  It is a text style message communication.  When you are contacted by OLPH you would accept the request reply.  There is also a free Remind app you may download, but not necessary

  • If you are unable to complete any of the required information please call the OLPH Parish office at (423) 622-7232