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Job Openings

Job Opening--Bilingual Director of Religious Education for Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Chattanooga, TN

The DRE is a person who is a fully initiated member of the Catholic Church and has a commitment to pass on the faith through classroom education, liturgical practice and personal example. The DRE is responsible for coordinating the recruitment and training of volunteers participating in collaborative program development and curriculum review, the scheduling of classes and facilities, the ordering of materials and books, collaborating with the parish school and, in general, for carrying out program organizational details for the pastor. The DRE works closely with the pastoral staff, catechists, and members of the parish to meet the religious education goals and spiritual needs of the youth, families, and the parish in an effective manner. To effectively lead in this full-time position, the successful candidate must be available to work a flexible schedule including weekends and some evenings. The DRE reports directly to the pastor and works in conjunction with the entire pastoral team.




The Director of Religious Education administrates a parish catechetical program and provides leadership to assist the parish community in building a solid foundation of catechetical ministry. This Position Reports to the Pastor. Full Time Position.


A. Administrative Duties

1. Organize, schedule & oversee religious education program for pre-school thru 12th grade.

2. Prepare, schedule sacramental programs and worship services for students and parents.

3. Order textbooks, teaching materials and resources for the program.

4. Prepare an annual budget for the Board of Education and monthly financial updates.

5. Prepare a yearly calendar; present for Board of Education approval by the May meeting.

6. Report monthly to the Board of Education.

7. Support and endorse diocesan and parish board policies.

8. Revise RE and Catechist Handbooks as needed and present to Board at May meeting

B. Supervisory

1. Provide support to the RCIA and Confirmation Leaders/Coordinators.

2. Provide support and supervision for stipend personnel to include:

a. Directors of Vacation Bible School

b. Elementary Nursery Coordinator.

3. Assists the Coordinators/Leaders of RCI and Confirmation in recruiting volunteer catechists, office assistants, and hall monitors for the program and appropriate in-service training and formation for them.

4. Identify and support the training for catechists at each grade level.

5. Counsel, advise, & visit with students, parents & teachers when classroom problems arise.

C. Spirituality and Prayer Leadership

1. Prepare and preside at para-liturgical celebrations for students.

2. Coordinate and plan with pastor sacramental rites for RE students.

3. Plan with assistant directors the Advent and Lenten Family Fairs.

4. Does and leads retreats and talks for the First Holy Communion and Confirmation Sacraments.

D. Staff Responsibilities

1. Works with the Pastor and other catechetical coordinators to integrate the total parish religious education program.

2. Meet regularly with parish staff for planning and coordination of parish programs.

3. Work with Youth Minister to coordinate RE/Youth ministry activities.


A. Skills, Knowledge and/or abilities

1. Demonstrate capability to carry out administrative and supervisory duties in a timely fashion,

utilizing good communication and relationship skills.

2. Participate in ongoing formation and educational opportunities to keep current on trends in

catechetical ministry.

B. Education, Training and/or Experience

1. BA in Theology/Religious Education or a related educational field and/or a certificate in

ministry or theology from a Catholic institution of higher learning.

3. Proven participation and continuing updating of the Virtus Safe Environment Program

sponsored through the diocese.

4. Must be fully bilingual for this position.


A. The Director of Religious Education is responsible for submitting/overseeing annual RE budget


This position entails frequent evening and weekend work if needed.