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Edge & Life Teen

Edge & Life Teen




Through powerful Eucharistic encounters and engaging catechesis our Edge and Life Teen teens are immersed in a dynamic parish culture.  With their parish as their true home, out teens are then further strengthened by our camps, events, resources and digital evangelization.  Programs are designed to reach today "teens" and create an environment where Catholic teenagers feel supported and engaged the other 167 hours a week outside Sunday Mass.

Life Teen is for High School Students strengthens our teen's Catholic identity, while rooting them firmly in Christ and his Church

Edge for Middle School Students 6 -8 grade, helps unleash who they were created to be, in Christ.

This School Year because of COVID-19 and space available to meet in large groups in less than 50 in order to space out, we will be meeting in Virtual Small Groups once a week according to their grade with an adult/mentor in each group.  Virtual Small Groups will only be 30 minutes long to start with, then if needed, we will add time as we go.....  Hopefully, as time goes by, we will be able to meet in small groups in person.

Once a month, we will meet in our Large Group, no larger than 50, as of the Bishop's rules, OUTSIDE, while social distancing to have FUN, CATCH UP, PRAY TOGETHER  and BUILD COMMUNITY. 


When:  Wednesday, October 14th IN PERSON

Time:  6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Where:  Outside by the Picnic Tables in the playground area.

More information to follow after Sign-Ups

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In Espanol

Life Teen para jóvenes de HIghschool les ayuda a fortalecer su identidad Católica, los arraiga fuertemente a Cristo y a nuestra Iglesia.

Edge para los jovenes de 6th - 8th grade, les ayuda a encontrar para que fueron creados en Cristo.

Este ano debido al COVID-19 y limitados por el espacio, vamos a tener reuniones virtuales, una vez a la semana y cada grupo tendrá un adulto que los guiará. Los grupos virtuales se van a reunir por 30 minutos y si vemos que se necesita más tiempo lo alargamos….

Esperamos que pronto nos podamos reunir en persona en pequeños grupos.

Una vez al mes, nos reuniremos, sera un grupo grande, no mas de 50, de acuerdo al Decreto del Obispo, la reunión será AFUERA, mantendremos nuestra distancia y nos divertiremos. REZAREMOS JUNTOS, NOS DIVERTIREMOS Y CONVIVIREMOS COMO COMUNIDAD.



Hora: 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Donde: En el area donde estan los juegos y las mesas de picnic.

Les daremos mas informacion despues de que se inscriban.

La Confirmacion para los jovenes de 6th a 8th que se cancelo la pasada primavera se programará de nuevo en cuento llegue el Padre Arturo.

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